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Sounds in the City
Sounds in the City: Mapping Acoustic Environments in Communities
of Faith in Detroit and Dearborn​
Project Team:
Alaa Algargoosh, Babak Soleimani, Claire Zimmerman (advisor), Mojtaba Navvab (advisor), Upali Nanda (advisor). 

Phase I (January 1 – May 15, 2019)

This project uses Virtual Reality (VR) and body sensing technology to study how the acoustic
experience of the built environment impacts human health and well-being in at-risk communities. We created virtual experiences of these buildings with 360-degree video recordings as well as binaural and Ambisonic VR sound recordings. In the next phase of the project, we will pair these virtual environments with physiological sensors to explore the configuration and materiality of the spaces, their impact on acoustic characteristics,
and human experience.

Virtual Buildings, Real Emotions: an article about the project by James Dau, Rackham Graduate School at the University of Michigan. Click here to read the article.  

cymatic 1.jpg
Cymatic Sound Diffusers
Improving the indoor sound quality by using cymatic shapes
Project Team:
Alaa Algargoosh, Hany Hossam Eldien (advisor), Hala El-Wakeel (advisor). 

The Cymatic diffusers are novel and innovative sound diffusers with an outstanding performance in treating echo and creative design that will transform the traditional way of designing spaces. They open endless possibilities for architects to integrate sound diffusers in their design; allowing to create custom designs from mass-produced panels.

Cymatiles Sound Absorpers
Sound diffuser made of biomaterials 
Project Team:
Alaa Algargoosh, Amal Abdo, Maria Bertolini, Bilal Shamma, Eiman Alhamad, Raneem Al-Blaihed, Sultan Al-Sadaka, Nicolas Fallourd
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